Day 10! How are you doing?


158017601It’s day 10 of 2016.  Did you make a resolution?  How are you doing with it?  Are you still on track?

It’s easy to get side tracked once we return to the regular routines of our daily lives.  We may have had the best of intentions when we started toward our goals.  But alas, something happens.  LIFE.  Life happens and we think “tomorrow”, “it’s just one day”, “it’s just one…..” and before we know it, it’s July and we are in the exact same place we were December 31st.

You are not alone!  In fact, according to Forbes.com 45% of Americans resolve to change some aspect of their lives each year but only 8% keep those resolutions.  Only 8%!  That’s only 3.6 people out of every 100.

According to statisticbrain.com, only 64% of those 40% will keep their resolutions past one month, and by month 6 we are down to 46%.  Why is it so hard to stick to these things?  Why do we even make them?

People make resolutions because they WANT change in their lives.  They want to lose weight, stay organized, get fit and healthy, make a difference, spend less, and save more.  They want to BREAK OLD HABITS.

Hypnosis can help you change they way you view your resolutions.  It can help you get rid of those old negative thought patterns, and replace them with exactly the motivation you need to achieve your goals!

As your hypnotist, I want to help you succeed!  I want to see YOU be one of the 3.6 Americans who can say December 31, 2016 “I KEPT my resolution!”

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